The Power Purse

Disposing of your power purse

Your power purse contains a Polymer Lithium-ion battery and as such should not be disposed of as ordinary waste.

It should not be placed in standard bin, incinerated or disposed of in a fire or microwave. Instead consult your council, local municipal or civil authority for the location of an appropriate Recycling Plant or Battery Compliance Scheme member capable of disposing of a Polymer Lithium-ion battery.

If you are in the UK you can dispose of the battery at any council recycle / waste sites. You can also dispose of the battery at any Battery Compliance Scheme member.

If you are in the UK you may also dispose of your batteries by sending them back to us. Please Contact Us for more details on how you can do this.

Battery Removal

If you are required to remove the battery from the power purse prior to disposal please follow the instructions below:

The battery is located under the rear zip compartment. It may be accessed by un-picking the lining at the bottom of the rear zip compartment.

Only remove the stitching using a sharp item if you are fit and capable of doing so. If you do not feel able to do so please seek the assistance of a trained electrical technician. When un-picking the stitching please do so from right to left this way you will avoid cutting the wires. You should only need to remove about half of the seam to be able to remove the battery. After doing so you should be able to slide the battery out. The wires should slot though their respective holes to allow full removal. When unpicking the seam please take care to only apply enough force to remove the stitching and no more. Excessive force could cause damage to the battery pack contained within.

If you need any other information regarding disposal of your power purse please Contact Us